Bharat outreach program

Bharat Outreach Program- A Gift Of Wellness For Your Family

July 14, 2017 Pallavi Madhukar

Who are we?

Gramin Healthcare is India’s first start-up dedicated to bringing affordable and accessible primary health care services in rural area. Through collaborations and partnership with the global leader in healthcare services, we are trying to connect rural areas with mainstream India.

Gramin Healthcare team (Gurgaon Office ) with Dr.U.S.Awasthi, MD IFFCO

What is Bharat Outreach Programme?

Bharat Outreach as the name suggests is a program dedicated to mapping length and breadth of the nation.The aim is to reach the remote corners of the rural area and provide accessible and affordable primary health care services. Gramin Healthcare IFFCO collaborated with in April 2017 and cemented this pan -India campaign.
To celebrate 50 years of its inception, IFFCO planned pan-India functions to connect with farmers and cooperators. This is a one-year long program starting from 3 November 2016 and ending on 3 November 2017.
source -Iffco
Celebrating 50 Years of IFFCO

Dr .U.S.Awasthi with Gramin Healthcare Team ( Health camp -LEH )

Health camp -Puducherry

Health camp -Madhurai

Iffco's Managing Director Dr.U.S Awasthi is travelling all over India, marking his presence in 114 + location and Gramin Healthcare team is conducting health camps in all these locations.
"We have been travelling almost every day, sometimes we  have to cover  300 + km overnight so as to conduct health camp next day at the designated location without failure says - Sabeel Salam (Sr. Manager -GHC)"
"Gramin Healthcare is conducting health camps in all the 114+locations where Iffco has scheduled its event tocelebrate#50yearsofIFFCO .Irrespective of rough terrain ,climate ,acessibility ,language barriers etc . Bharat Outreach Team is conducting health camps with utmost diligency -says Sonia Vohra (Head Operations -GHC)"

Health camps by Gramin Health Care-

The aim is to provide accessible and affordable primary health healthcare services in rural area.

We have touched more than 10 thousand lives in these few months.

Services provided in these health camps are-Eye check -up, detection and monitoring of chronic diseases like hypertension, diabetes, ECG. We have done more than 3800 eye tests.

We witness footfall of 700-800 farmers on an average wherever IFFCO conducts its event and Gramin Healthcare organise health camps in its association, spanning Kashmir to Kanyakumari (north-south), Arunachal Pradesh to Gujrat  (east-west), we have met, experienced and provided healthcare services in these remote areas, says Sabeel Salam, who is leading this project for Gramin Healthcare.

This program is designed to reach farmers in the remotest corner of the country and conduct health camps for deserving underserved people.

Through these health camps, GHC is bridging the staggering gap in healthcare services in rural India.

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