Udaan -Training Sessions Organised By Gramin Healthcare .

July 19, 2017 Pallavi Madhukar

Who are we?

Gramin Healthcare is an organisation that is working to bring change in existing primary health care services in remote rural areas.We aim to provide affordable and accessible primary health care services.

What is Udaan?

I was recently asked about how Gramin Healthcare trains it's on -ground team. Udaan -training program is the answer to this question. Gramin Healthcare organised a  2-day training session on 23rd & 24th February 2017  to facilitate its nurses and on-ground team on various processes.This included full sessions on medical procedures, technology, motivation & counselling.This helps them to get in sync with Gramin Healthcare's vision and mission. Motive of this sessions was to help the existing team members leverage their medical expertise get acquainted with technical tools so that services can be provided at a faster pace which will help them serve with belief and confidence and hence increase productivity.     We train our on -ground staff about  various processes and it also help us to maintain a cordial relationship with them .As we are using latest technology it is essential for them to learn how to use it properly .With these training program traits like ownership ,confidence,soft -skills etc is generated which is required for high performance says Sonia Vohra (Head -Operations)

Objectives  Of Training Session

Main objectives of UDAAN is -
  • Training to use medical equipment.
  • Knowledge of our Technology Platform
  • Processes & their Implementation
  • Eye Testing
  • Overview on Chronic diseases & its management
  • Sessions on soft skills, motivation, on ground challenges & how to overcome them
Our health camps are organised in rural areas and it is necessary to be in sync with technology and medical processing and be ready to face the ground challenges .We also get feedback that help us modify our technology to be conducive enough to meet these challenges.