Eye-care And Rural India ,bringing Primary Healthcare Services In Remote Villages

July 26, 2017 Pallavi Madhukar

Making primary healthcare accessible and affordable to the greater population scattered throughout rural areas is the focus of Gramin Healthcare.
The eye is one important organ that needs utmost care and the difficult job of farmers that exposes them to severe climatic conditions put the strain on their eyes.The long hours in the field, exposure to UV rays, dust, pesticides and other chemical components lead to various eye related issues.
For villagers  in rural area, traveling to the nearest healthcare center for eye check up may be more than they can afford as they end up traveling miles to get the check up . According to the Office of the Registrar General & Census Commissioner, about 70% of the population lives in rural areas; according to World Health Organization statistics, about 70% of public hospitals are situated in cities.
Rural residents have fewer resources, significant geographic remoteness, and the   level of their medical problems is far greater. These detrimental conditions drive tremendous health disparity.

Gramin Healthcare organizes health-camps in remote areas of nation that has given us an opportunity of providing accessible and  affordable primary health care services.

Be it Leh-Ladakh or kanyakumari ,we have organised health camps in these area and apart from the assessment of chronic diseases like diabetes and hypertension we see huge number of people with eye ailments.

In picture ,Dr.U.S .Awasthi Managing Director IFFCO, with Gramin Healthcare team (Rohtak, Haryana)

In picture ,Dr.U.S .Awasthi (M.D IFFCO) visting our health camp in Leh (Jammu & Kashmir)

Dr .U.S .Awasthi visited our health camp in Port Blair (Andaman & Nicobar)
In picture, Dr.U.S .Awasthi (M.D IFFCO )visiting our Health camp in Kanyakumari.

We provide eye-tests majorly for vision related issues. We provide doctor consultation(audio) and after consultation prescribe relevant medicines too.
Eye related ailment like Iritis, conjunctivitis, eye-inflammation, cataract, glaucoma  are seen prevalent in villagers. Seasonal eye-flu if not treated on time can cause severe damage to eye.

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