Technology Driven
Health Care

The Gramin Healthcare Model

Gramin Health Care realizes the need for ‘Care’ required by the rural population of India and their struggle accessing quality healthcare services. To ease out the blatant and latent needs of rural patients, Gramin Health Care has developed an integrated platform using technology as a backbone.

How Care Tech Works

Our Health Centers cater to villages in the radius of 5-10 km and a cluster of 10 health centers is complimented by a Polyclinic, wherein, specialized doctors, diagnostic services, in-house pharmacy and other services are provided.

In terms of the treatment, the process rolls out in the following manner: Patients come to Primary Clinics or health camps where qualified and trained Nurses / Health Assistants conduct physical check-ups, take vitals and create an Electronic Health Record (EHR) of patients. Doctors can access EHRs and give consultations through Assisted Telemedicine and if required prescribe further diagnostic tests. Regular doctor visits are conducted at Primary Centers. Diagnostic Test facilities and medication are available at Polyclinics.

Secondary and tertiary care is provided through various alliances with multispecialty hospitals. We have partnerships with a number of hospitals and they include hospitals empanelled with Ayushman Bharat Scheme of Government of India. Ayushman Bharat Scheme or National Health Protection Scheme aims at making interventions in primary, secondary and tertiary care systems, covering both preventive and promotive health. Advanced treatment is made available to the patients at subsidized cost.

‘Care Continuum’ Through Technology

  • Cloud-based EHR system to manage patients’ digital health record history over time.
  • Helps in easy and timely access to anyone’s records by clinical team so as to identify any criticalities and provide relevant treatment options.
  • Using tech-integrated diagnostic devices to conduct primary health checkups, enabling direct inputs to patients’ EHRs.
  • Assisted Telemedicine
  • Nurses use GHC app on their tablet computers to relay patient cases to doctors and enable consultations.
  • Cloud-based system to send triggers and enable periodic follow ups for patients with various health issues.
  • Enables increased patient adherence to any medications and treatments, even during their Post Care (rehab)
  • Technology-based system to send patient referral communications to partner hospitals as well as follow up with patients.
  • Providing affordable stays to patients and their families or care-givers during treatment periods through integration with quality accommodations aggregators.
  • Using integrated communication channels such as SMS, Whatsapp, etc.
  • Deliver Info about upcoming camps, doctor visits, prevention of diseases etc.

Services Offered

    • Paramedics (ANM/GNM level)
    • Doctor Consultation platform
    • Weekly doctor visit
    • Awareness, First level care, Screening
    • Basic diagnostics tests, PoC devices
    • Medicines
    • Eyecare, Women Health & Hygiene services/products
    • Referral to Polyclinic/Partner Hospitals
    • Generation of Electronic Health Record
    • Biweekly outreach camps to the neighbouring villages
    • Community Health Ambassador Network for outreach/patient hand-holding at the household level

    • General Physician, Ayurveda , Gynaecologist,
    • Dental Specialist
    • 4-5 Paramedics (ANM/GNM level)
    • Dental Assistant/Other Healthcare technician
    • In house Pharmacy & Pharmacist
    • Diagnostics Lab services & Phlebotomist
    • Screening, Diagnosis, Prescription, Treatment Plan
    • Centres of Excellence
    • Referral to Partner Hospitals
    • Generation of Electronic Health Records