Bringing Primary Healthcare Services to Rural India

Gramin Health Care

A vast majority of Indian rural population does not have access to basic healthcare facilities due to lack of qualified medical professionals, and practically non-existent Medicare infrastructure.

Gramin Health Care (GHC) is the first healthcare  system that works exclusively towards providing and strengthening primary healthcare services to the last mile of Rural India. GHC has been creating healthcare ecosystems in underserved rural areas to ensure health services at a distance they can travel, at a cost they can afford and with a dignity they deserve. With a vision to revolutionize the health care delivery mechanism, GHC focuses on employment generation, bridge the gap between gender spaces and provide affordable, accessible and quality healthcare services to people in under-served communities. 

Gramin Health Care was established in 2016 with a firm focus to bridge this gap in a holistic, self-sustaining and scalable manner. With institutionalized primary and preventive healthcare being our pillars, we target the issues of availability, affordability and accessibility in a unique multi-pronged approach. We have forged strategic trilateral alliances across the government, industries and communities which allow us greater reach, local connect and the ability to offer comprehensive solutions which include products of international standards at nominal cost.

Gramin Health Care has also been creating a Digital Revolution to improve access, enable end-to-end care and fix the continuum of Rural Healthcare in India.  

Ajoy Khandheria, Founder

What We Do


Gramin Health Care (GHC) has tried and succeeded in creating an inclusive model that is free of cultural and gender based exclusion, keeping the demographic realities of India in mind. One of our USPs is that we cater to the needs of communities without any cultural or gender biases and ensure that quality care reaches every last individual without them having to overreach for access.

GHC has an unconventional & innovative business model that disrupts the status quo to bring healthcare to Rural Markets. It is dedicated to providing accessible, affordable and quality healthcare to underserved communities through Walk-In Health Centers equipped with digital healthcare solutions, intensive outreach programs and strategic partnerships with national & global health care networks.

Technology Driven Approach

Care Tech

Gramin Health Care creates last mile delivery by combining on-ground presence with technology. Assisted Telemedicine is deployed at brick & mortar Healthcare Centers. Telemedicine bridges the rural-urban divide in terms of medical facilities, extending low-cost consultation and diagnosis facilities to the remotest of areas. We are also effectively working on creation of an efficient Health information system.

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