With a mission to ensure a “Continuum of Healthcare” to the last mile in rural India, Gramin Health Care came up with a mission of creating a “Gramin Franchise in Rural Parts of India ”.

Today, with a growing population and changing lifestyles, the rising burden of various health hazards including COVID has created an urge for medicinal and doctor availability, and which has been a key challenge for Health Care in India. Though the urban part of India has diversified a lot into pharma retailing business and the doctor & clinical staff availability is easy , still people living in the remotest villages are compelled to travel to nearby towns to access health care services and get proper medical support or doctor consultations.

Gramin Franchise is a very prominent service based on associating with pharmacies in tier 3 & tier 4 rural villages across Indian States and upgrading them by facilitating doctor consultation, e-prescription, digital procurement, doorstep delivery along with various additional services. It further aims to bring both medical products and services to the last leg of the rural consumer shop , solving the issue for accessibility.

Gramin Franchise is an integral part of Gramin’s vision towards creating an ecosystem of making healthcare accessible towards the last mile of the country.

In pursuit of reaching maximum villages and making primary healthcare accessible to the rural community at the cost they can afford, Gramin Health Care expanded its wings by introducing Gramin Franchise in April 2021, where local pharmacists have an opportunity to become our Franchise Partner and work for both people's benefit as well as his own, through direct access on various technology, process, lucrative offers, discounts and incubating ideas right up to scalable business model helping in driving our franchise’s partners business’s

Proudly innovative and driven with technology ;serving the diverse medicinal needs of rural people, Pharmacists, Gramin Franchise is a pioneer in their area of operation bringing the impact on primary healthcare services and continuum of care, Gramin provides.

Gramin's one of the current prevailing services include 24/7 doctor Consultation to people from remote areas, and this service is accessible to the existing patient base , however Gramin Franchise is not an exclusion here. Our franchise partners are given the entitlement to get access to this service for the customers visiting its pharmacies Free Of Cost, making him a 360° healthcare service support partner in the area.

The world is turning digital, so are we. Our Franchise partners get access to our technology driven model, through our Gramin Franchise application, which in turn is very user friendly and proper training & guidance sessions are conducted by the Gramin team to educate our franchise partners on the optimum usage of Gramin Franchise Application.
Benefits of being a Franchisee

  • One stop solution for all PrimaryHealthcare needs Assortment of Ayurvedic, Allopathic “Branded & Generic Medicine, ” Diagnostics & Other Services”.
  • Access to 24*7 Healthline service of Gramin for Real-Time E- prescription & consultation from our experienced & qualified Doctors .
  • Opportunity to be part of the Gramin Healthcare brand which is one of the largest & trusted healthcare brands in rural India (A Healthcare Initiative By IFFCO) and a privilege to be part of Gramin Loyalty Programs.
  • Opportunity to be part of Gramin Healthcare Brand which is one of the largest & trusted health care brands in rural India- (A healthcare  initiative by IFFCO)
  • Doorstep Delivery reduce overhead cost ,increase revenue.
  • Digital stock Procurement. Shop at your convenience- anywhere, anytime
  • Entitlement to the Gramin Health application for ease of ordering, tracking & managing orders along with a personalized dashboard for business customer management.

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