Primary Clinics

The biggest challenge which the Indian Healthcare ecosystem faces is acute shortage of healthcare facilities in Rural India with very little access to medical services. Fewer medical practitioners, medical programs and healthcare facilities in these areas have made these areas prone to less preventive care and longer response times in emergencies. Bringing a one stop solution to these utter problems, Gramin Healthcare has set-up multiple primary clinics that cater the urge of medical emergencies in Gramin Bharat. Every Primary Clinic serves 3-4 villages within its radius of 10km each. Primary Clinics aims to provide medical services to people residing in these villages or nearby areas, like check-ups, 24/7 helpline, E-Prescriptions.

Services offered by our Primary Clinics
  • Health Screening- Screening has always been the first step for any medical treatment to be initiated. Our clinical staff available there does the screening of the patient visiting our Primary Clinic.The report further generated, is then sent to the respective doctor for diagnosis and treatment purposes.
  • Health education- Education and awareness are the weapons to fight against the demon of doubt. A well educated country is said to be a well developed country. Promoting this ideology, we provide health awareness and education among less aware people of Rural India.
  • Telemedicines- This term, doing justice with its name, has been made by combining two words-Tele and medicines. Gramin Healthcare provides the service of Telemedicines, in which medicines are delivered to the doorstep of the people residing in remote areas, where medicine availability and accessibility has always been a questionable topic. We believe that every citizen should be provided with the basic primary services.
  • Paramedics- A team of clinical professionals are assigned at every primary clinic and they are available 24/7 for medical assistance and supervision.


When Primary Clinics acts as a basic spoke, polyclinics are the Hub and one of the most valued and expanded presence of Gramin HealthCare for the people who are deprived of the basic healthcare services. This model is a “one-stop solution” for all healthcare needs of the villagers and farmers. Where primary clinics serve 3-4 villages within its radius, polyclinics serve villages in 30-50km within its radius.

The facilities available at Polyclinics are

  • Doctors and Nurses are available for instant medical treatments
  • Diagnosis
  • Health Checkups
  • Telemedicines
  • One Stop Medicine availability
Gramin Healthcare has been successful in setting up of 4 polyclinics all over the country till now majorly and successfully serving the people of Rural India with utmost dedication and empathetic approach.

Gramin Pharmacies

The third and most diversified physical presence of GHC is in the form of pharmacies, distributed and located at various locations in Rural India. The pharmacies provide both allopathic and ayurvedic medicines to people at very sustainable prices. The pharmacies also felicitate the facility of medicine delivery at your doorstep. Our Pharmacies are formulated in a way to support “last mile connectivity”. Our well acclaimed pharmacies deliver the high quality medicines at very affordable prices to local chemists, by acquiring them as Gramin Franchise. This Franchise model was framed to make medical facilities for rural people at ease. 100+ Gramin Pharmacies have been set all across the nation.

Gramin Pharmacy Services-
  • Genuine Medicines
  • Availability of both Ayurvedic and Allopathic Medicines
  • Affordable Pricing
  • Expanded Reach
  • Doorstep Delivery of Medicines